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Sunday, April 10, 2011

White girl wasted..

"No matter what you deserve to smile.
Don’t let anyone take that away from you."

    I had a surprisingly good weekend, which began Thursday, and is coming to an end now as I sit in a Starbucks and attempt to study for an anatomy exam I have Tuesday. I have successfully ate a huge brownie as well as listen to the entire new Bayside album, and not once have I actually opened up my textbook.
    I have really great friends, I don't think I've ever mentioned them in my blogs yet, but I will. Lorraine and I were introduced about a year ago, through esthetic's school. All I remember was this loud, Italian girl who had perfect hair and an 'I don't give a flying fuck' attitude and I knew right then and there that I would have to get to know this girl. A friendship of course followed and I now really am so grateful to have her in my life as a good friend as well as real person. 
    As I sat in class Thursday, my leg shook anxiously as I waited for the clock to read 10 pm, with my attention long gone and my stomach growling. We didn't plan on going out, but somehow Lorraine and myself found ourselves planning out a night of getting white girl wasted and dancing. White girl wasted is the best kind of wasted to be, for those who don't know what it is, if you ever go to a party or bar you will see that different types of people experience different kinds of drunks. White girl wasted is just drunk taken to a totally different level. White girls have a tendency to get drunk to the point of no self control and make awful decisions. Always a good time lol.
    Anyway, Thursday night turned out to be quite an EPIC experience as it always is with me and Lorraine. We somehow managed to land ourselves in VIP at a nightclub somewhere with full bottle service and men with a lot of money.
    I pretty much went out every night since then and finally got to sleep today after completely running myself down from excessive partying and staying out all night. I don't party that much, I just sometimes get into party mode, and can't seem to shake it off once I'm in it. It usually lasts about 3 days, maybe 4.
    So anyway, I'm gonna get my textbook actually attempt to study for my test Thursday.