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Monday, March 25, 2013

Your lips..

I can't feel my feet, or my legs for that matter. I close my eyes, try to focus, try to feel.

Every time your lips touch my stomach, my body sends a sharp chill from my lower abdomen into my throat. Your hands coincide with your mouth, grazing from my chest, to my belly, then my inner thighs.  

My back arches up, and my palms begin to sweat. I grasp your forearms which are pressed against my hips, and I squeeze harder with every breath I take.

For those ten minutes, I'm completely vulnerable. You stimulate every sense within my body, using only one part of yours. The most intimate, personal feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life.

My heart is now pounding, echoing in my head so loud I can barely hear your heavy breathing.

For the first time, I am unable to think. I can't stress, I can't analyze. I can only feel.