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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A lovely dream..

    Last night I had the most intense sex dream of my life... I was walking down the beach, the air was warm and I was holding a pair of flip flops in my hand as I dragged my feet gently through the water. It had to be late in the afternoon, sometime between the sun going down and the moon coming out, and the air was warm yet blew softly through my hair. I wasn't alone.. along side me was a man who I still can't seem to put a name to. Tall & young, with dark hair and light eyes. When we get to the point in my dream where the actual action begins, we are laying on what I think is a blanket and now the moon has completely come out and is shining so vividly on the side of his face, which is beautiful. 
     As he kisses my neck, I can feel his heart beat through his chest, which is firmly pressed against my upper body, and his breathing is just as heavy as mine. The smell of his skin is distinct, yet sensational and the taste of his mouth is sweet and unlike anything I have ever tasted  before. His body is much larger than mine, and his body movements overpower me, and make me feel like I am weightless...
    The sex is hard, yet passionate at the same time. The thrusting coincides with our breathing and the sensational ending that comes is so realistic that I actually wake up in a sweat. As I laid in my bed, I could actually smell his skin, I can lick my lips and taste him, I can feel him on top of me, holding me down. 
     All day I couldn't break the image out of my head of what I had dreamed about... could I be subconsciously telling myself that I'm lacking a certain action in real life? Or could I just be exceptionally horny? Never before have I had such an intense dream, to the point where I actually wake up from what felt like an orgasm. 
   Is it possible for a female to actually have an orgasm from a dream? I know men can ejaculate in their sleep but never have I heard of women doing something similar.. maybe I'm the exception. Either way, I loved the dream, and I really hope my mystery man visits me again soon !