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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Nook...

when you can't quite match your clothes 
or when you laugh at your own jokes 
that's when i love you.
   As I was laying on the couch the other night, snuggled up with my boyfriend, I found myself digging my head into his arm nook, right where his armpit begins. There's something about that spot on his body, my head fits perfectly, almost like we are two pieces to a puzzle. Then there's his scent, when I'm snuggled deep in his arms, I get this smell, not a cologne or deodorant but the actual smell of his skin, and it drives me absolutely crazy, the most sensual smell I have ever smelt. It sounds odd to say you like the smell of a man's armpit but it's just the scent that his body gives off that I find so irresistible.
   We find ourselves oddly attracted to things in the person we love that others may not understand. Like feet.. I absolutely despise feet, I find them to be the most disgusting thing on the planet. Yet, when I see the feet of the man I love, I'm totally fine I actually enjoy rubbing them. 
    I think that's what makes two people really in love, when you find things in one another that you can't live without, that others just can't understand.